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Datasheet iotty Smart Switch E1

E2, iotty smart switch 1 gang, is 3,42 inches for 3,42 inches

Data sheet iotty Smart Switch E2

E2, iotty smart switch 2-gang, is 3,42 inches by 3,42 inches

Data sheet iotty Smart Switch I3

Details and features

Discover all the actions and commands that you can enjoy with iotty Smart Switch.

A piggy bank, because you can save money with iotty smart switch WiFi.

ENERGY CONSUMPTION MONITORING. To keep energy consumption under control.

a bell icon: activate the notification to know when your iotty wifi switch goes on

ACTIVITY NOTIFICATIONS. You can receive a notification when a light turns on and/or off.

a pin of geolocation

GEOLOCATION. Switch on iotty when you enter a specific geographical area.

a share icon, share your lights with other users

SHARE WITH OTHER USERS. Choose to share a selected gang with any other user.

a sun and a moon because iotty can switch on based on the sun movements

SUN. Switch on iotty at sunrise or at sunset.

BACKLIGHT Program iotty backlight to turn on or change its brightness.

a weather icon: syncronize your wifi switches to the weather

WEATHER. Turn on iotty based on weather conditions.

two iotty switches on the same light via wifi

MULTI-WAY Use WiFi to create multi-way switching.

a time icon, you can switch on iotty smart switch at determined hours

TIME. Switch on iotty at a specific time.

an icon of a garage, wire your iotty smart switch to the garage door in order to make it smart

GARAGE DOOR Make your garage door smart by connecting it to iotty.

a hand switch on one iotty, this can trigger another iotty to switch on or off

ACTIVITY DEPENDENT. Use Wi-Fi to create a central button to control them all.

wifi icon: if you have an android you can switch on iotty once your smartphone connects to a certain wifi

WIFI. Turn on iotty when your smartphone connects to a specific wifi.
*Available only for Android

an airplane icon for the away mode action: make your house looked lived-in while you are not at home

AWAY MODE. Turn on iotty randomly so it seems you are at home.

SCENE Send multiple commands with just one tap.


Tell iotty what to do talking to
the most common Vocal Assistants.

iotty App

Keep every iotty under control thanks to the intuitive APP.
Create actions, receive notifications, manage energy consumption, and personalize everything the way you want it.

  • it's shown how the

    Manage all rooms. From the iotty Application, manage all iotty-enabled lights and functions.

  • it's shown how the page of one light of the iotty APP is

    Application Functions Create actions, enable notifications, check usage statistics, customize device settings, and share access with other users.

  • it's shown how the page of the statistics of the iotty APP is

    Check Usage Statistics Manage energy consumption. Check data trends, to see where you may be able to cut energy costs.


To install iotty is very easy, but if you ever need any assistance our Support Team is ready to give you all the help you need.

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